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  • When is the iOS version coming out for my iPhone?

iOS version haven't been planned yet, so it is going to take a while, if ever.

  • I own an Android Tablet with a 10" screen, how come Google Play tells me that it is not compatible?

We care about your experience with your product, and we simply weren't impressed with the autoscaling job Android did when using the App on a 10" screen. We are working on a version that fully utilises the posibilities that a bigger screen makes possible.

  • What is fairOdds, and how do I use it?

fairOdds is the odds-value that corresponds to the predicted propability of a team winning. In other words, it is the minimum odds that a bookmaker should offer you to make a bet profitable. For instance, if the BetWizer model predicts a 50% chance of Liverpool winning over Newcastle, the fairOdds for Liverpool would be 2.00 (1/P). If any bookmakers offer you higher odds than 2.00, you should check it out.

BetWizer takes it a step further, though. Not only does it compare the predicted fairOdds with over 30 different bookmakers, it also take other factors into account (such as risks and potential) to not only give you a list of interesting bets each round, but also to rate them for you, so you know exactly which bets are right for you.The BetWizer model is all about beating the bookmakers - finding the matches which, compared to the current bookmaker market, statistically gives the best profit and throw all the remaining (non-profitable) bets away.

  • How much should I bet on matches?

That's entirely upto you, but not more than you can afford to loose. BetWizer's tips are based on a statistical model which is estimations of the real-world. Noone can make 100 % certain predictions on sports (not even us :-)). We do not fix matches and we do not pretend to do so. We are also not responsible for any losses you might encounter when following tips from BetWizer.

  • Are you affiliated with any bookmakers?

No, we are no affialiated with any bookmakers.

Betwizer features live matches and event updates
Betwizer features league tables with position change indicators
Betwizer features an advanced prediction algorithm
Betwizer features next rounds best bets against bookmakers

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